Mercedes- a car named after the creek god Hermes who's other name is mercury.

(pretty sweet car)

Aegis - Zeus and Athena's protective shield; Aegis is a modern security and risk management company. The Aegis Combat System is a naval weapons system that uses powerful computers and radars to track and guide weapons to destroy enemy targets. AEGIS is one of the largest HIV/AIDS databases in the world.

Cerberus - The three-headed hound that guarded the gates to the Underworld. Cerberus Capital Management, L.P., is one of the largest private equity investment firms in the US. Also, Cerberus is the name of a continuous builder software program from Ruby that " like his ancestor will guard your application tests and won't let your project go to the world of dead projects", according to the company. Cerberus FTP Server is a file transfer for internet administrators. There are dozens of companies named or derived from Cerberus.


Apollo - God of light, masculine beauty and music; Apollo Theater is a famous music hall in New York city.

The_Apollo_Theater__www_tcnj_edu_.jpg(there's a lot of old people)

Helios - God who daily drove the sun chariot across the sky; sun god. There's Helios Software
imagesCA745ML5.jpg(a leading developer of cross-platform networking)

Juno - Roman name for Hera, wife of Zeus; Juno is a popular web-hosting company (, specializing in free web pages and custom e-mail.


Pandora - The first woman in Greek mythology, whose name means "all-gifted"; Pandora Jewelry sells quality gift merchandise.