This is the Volkswagen Eos. Eos is also the name of the Goddess of Dawn.


In the game God of War, Kratos has to defeat Ares, the God of War.
He also gians power by slaying Medusa and he uses her head to help defeat his enemies.

Trojan condoms have many references to ancient Greece and Greek mythology.
In the Trojan war, Spartans hid in the Trojan horse, which was meant to trick the people of Troy, after Troy took Helen from Menelaus of Sparta.


In Austin Powers Goldmember, the character Goldmember is said to have "the Midas touch". In Greek mythology, KIng Midas had a "golden touch" so everything he touched turned into gold.


Charon is a natural satellite on the dwarf planet Pluto. Charon is the boatman who ferries the souls to the underworld. In present day, we use satellites to transfer information around the world. Nix, or Nyx in Greek mythology, is the Goddess of the night, and Hydra is a seaserpent said to have nine heads.


Argus was a giant watchman with a hundred eyes. Argus is a security company specializing in business protection.


Atlas was doomed to carry the Heavens on his shoulders as a punishment as he roamed the Earth. Atlas is a common name for travel agencies.


Cerberus was a three headed dog who guarded the Underworld. In Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Fluffy, a three headed dog guards the tunnel to the stone.


Echo was a nymph who fell in love with Narcissus, but was ignored until only the echo of her voice remained.